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About Us

About Us

Second Bounce is a small – but we like to think perfectly formed – software company.

Now, if we're honest (and we do try to be) and you're looking for someone to develop, say, a new Self-assessment Tax Return system or a Mars Landing Guidance System, then we're probably not the ones for you.  No, no, you'll need someone much bigger than us to screw up a project like that!

But if you're an SME with a typical SME's problems and needs, we should be able to help.  We may be techies at heart, but we like to think we speak Human.  We're also (just) old enough to remember flares the first time round, but young enough not to bore you with our reminiscences about punch-cards.

So if you're thinking that a software solution might be the answer to your problems, please get in touch.